Who Are We?

To all DMV Soccer Fans, Players, Coaches, and Parents,

I wanted to take a minute to discuss the history of the website, and give you some insight on what we hope to accomplish moving forward.

But first, just to be clear, we are not affiliated or associated with DMV Soccer Academy, DMVSoccer96 on Twitter, DMV Soccer Tournament, or any other DMV Soccer-related team, program, or venture.

This website, in addition to DMVSoccerdotcom on Twitter, is run independently (with the help of various freelance contributors) by George Murphy, a full-time Internet Marketing consultant who has served as an assistant soccer coach in the youth game, as well as a freelance journalist covering the US Men’s National Team and American players in Europe dating back to 2007. I’ve also played soccer for the past 30 years.

DMVSoccer96 on Twitter is run independently as well, by a college student-athlete who possesses a sincere passion for the game. I wish him all the best in his efforts and enjoy his Tweets.

Moving forward, I do hope to expand our coverage in 2018 by hiring additional content writers. We plan on continuing our NCAA Men’s Soccer coverage in the Spring of 2018, heading into next season, but given the number of D1 Men’s soccer programs in DC, MD, and VA, I think we could be doing more.

I also hope to start covering more DC United matches and updates heading into next season at Audi Field, as well as summer semi-pro action covering DC United’s U-23’s, Baltimore FC, and other local clubs. Long story short, there is a lot more that we could be doing, if we had more resources. The time it takes to write in-depth pieces, cover matches, maintain the website, etc. can be a bit much, seeing as this is a side project that I make zero money from.

To support our expanding coverage, we started offering DMV Soccer hats earlier this year which had a great reception. The profit margins on custom hats are not very high, but the idea of more hats being sold and worn to #REPDMV is something that I think we can all get excited about.

We have also secured our first ever corporate sponsor, which will be announced soon, with hopefully more to follow in 2018.

For those who are interested in supporting our efforts by purchasing your very own DMV Soccer Hat:


Please visit our store.

Now Accepting Donations- Help Us Expand

For those who would like to donate to our cause- helping to expand our DMV Soccer coverage moving forward in 2018 – you can click the Paypal Donate button below to help us out.

I sincerely thank all of our followers and readers for your support, and hope that we can do an even better job next year bringing you DMV Soccer news and op-ed coverage.


George Murphy